Flooring installation


Flooring installation

It is a simple fact that we offer some of the most remarkable flooring systems and products in the Acworth, GA area. However, did you know that we also offer the very best in flooring installation as well? It's true, and this is not just us tooting our own horn. At Gotcha Covered, our team has more than 40 years of flooring experience in both sales and installation. With this level of experience and expertise, we can provide the superior flooring installation that our customers need and deserve.

All types of flooring installation services

Because our flooring installation personnel are trained and experienced to such a high degree, we can offer professional installation services for all types of flooring. Our crews can install:

Carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl sheet goods, luxury vinyl tile and plank systems, tile, and more.



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Choose trained, experienced flooring installation crewse our showroom for your flooring needs

The level of quality one gets with any flooring installation depends upon the level of expertise and experience the installers have when they come to your home or workplace. The techniques needed to perform a high-quality carpet install are nothing like those needed to perform a high-quality hardwood flooring install. They are completely different, and just because a crew says they can install "flooring", does not mean that they have the skills and abilities to install any or all types of flooring. The expertise of the flooring installation crew must be from working with the type of flooring being installed. At Gotcha Covered, our crews have those various skills and they know exactly what they are doing when the install the flooring systems that you purchase from us. In fact, we are so confident that we can provide the best flooring installation services that we stand 100% behind each and every install that we do. No exceptions!

Flooring installation questions answered

When you need top quality flooring installation services, come to us first. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your particular needs, and our staff can provide reliable, honest answers to those questions. Visit Gotcha Covered Floorcovering in Acworth, GA today and let's discuss your needs for flooring installation today.