Hardwood Refinishing

Gotcha Covered offers professional hardwood refinishing services

When you need high-quality, professional hardwood refinishing services, Gotcha Covered is ready and able to provide those services. Before you turn to someone else for wood floor refinishing, take a look at why we believe we are the best choice for hardwood refinishing in the entire Acworth, GA area.

Hardwood Refinishing Room Scene

Trained, experienced hardwood refinishing professionals

It cannot be understated that when it comes to quality hardwood refinishing, training and experience matter a great deal. To properly resurface a wood floor, special skills and knowledge are required as the flooring crew moves from one task to the next. Each of these many tasks is important and must be completed properly if you want a high-quality result. How the crew performs the initial stripping and sanding work to get down to bare wood, is every bit as important as the application of the final coat of stain or sealant. There are no unimportant tasks.

What this means is that the hardwood refinishing crew must be able to perform each and every step correctly. Our wood floor refinishing crews are able to provide that high-level of competency, regardless of the project’s size.

Affordable hardwood refinishing rates

At Gotcha Covered, we offer some of the most competitive rates for hardwood refinishing in this entire area. While we work hard to keep our prices low, we never sacrifice quality. When we complete your project, your hardwood floors will like new again. Our policy is to stand behind every job we do, and you can be assured that you will be very pleased with our work upon its completion.

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If you are thinking of new flooring and would like some assistance in making the best decisions, come by, or call, our showroom in Acworth, GA today. Our staff has over 40 years of combined flooring experience, and we are very eager to help you as you move along your new flooring project. You do not have to go it alone! Let’s get together and discuss your project, goals, and budget using our free design consultation service.

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